event ShortTermSwap(address sender, address tokenIn, uint256 amountIn, uint256 amountOut, uint256 swapType)

ShortTermSwap event is emitted for Short-Term (ST) swap transactions and arbitrage partner ST swap transactions. To differentiate, examine the value of swapType in the emitted event.


event LongTermSwap(address sender, address delegate, address tokenIn, uint256 amountIn, uint256 intervals, uint256 orderId)

LongTermSwap event is emitted when Long-Term (LT) swaps transaction are issued to the pool.


event PoolJoin(address sender, address recipient, uint256 token0In, uint256 token1In, uint256 poolTokenAmt)

PoolJoin events are emitted for Join/Mint and Reward transactions. A Reward transaction can be identified from a Join/Mint transaction by examining the emitted event's poolTokenAmt to see if is zero.


event WithdrawLongTermSwap(address owner, address refundToken, uint256 refundOut, address proceedsToken, uint256 proceedsOut, uint256 orderId, address sender)

WithdrawLongTermSwap events are emitted when an LT swap order is withdrawn or cancelled in a transaction. To differentiate between the two, only a cancellation will have non-zero values for refundOut.


event FeeWithdraw(address sender, uint256 token0Out, uint256 token1Out)

FeeWithdraw events are emitted when Cron-Fi fees are withdrawn from the pool.


event PoolExit(address sender, uint256 poolTokenAmt, uint256 token0Out, uint256 token1Out)

PoolExit events are emitted when a Liquidity Provider (LP) redeems LP tokens for their share of tokens remaining in the pool.


event AdministratorStatusChange(address sender, address admin, bool status)

AdministratorStatusChange events are emitted when an administrator address, admin, is given administrator privileges (status == true) or when they are taken away (status == false).


event ProtocolFeeTooLarge(uint256 suggestedProtocolFee)

ProtocolFeeTooLarge is emitted if the protocol fee passed in by balancer ever exceeds 1e18 (in which case the change is ignored and fees continue with the last good value).


event ParameterChange(address sender, enum ICronV1PoolEnums.ParamType paramType, uint256 value)

ParameterChange is emitted when a parameter value is changed to value. Consult the enum ParmType for the parameter undergoing change.


event FeeAddressChange(address sender, address feeAddress)

FeeAddressChange is emitted when the fee address, feeAddress, is changed.


event FeeShiftChange(address sender, uint256 feeShift)

FeeShiftChange is emitted when the fee shift, feeShift is changed.


event BoolParameterChange(address sender, enum ICronV1PoolEnums.BoolParamType boolParam, bool value)

BoolParameterChange is emitted when a boolean value parameter is changed. Consult the enum BoolParmType for the parameter undergoing change.


event UpdatedArbitragePartner(address sender, address partner, address list)

UpdatedArbitragePartner is emitted when an arbitrage partner's arbitrageur list is updated to a new contract address.


event UpdatedArbitrageList(address partner, address oldList, address newList)

UpdatedArbitrageList is emitted when an arbitrage partner's updates their arbitrageur list is to a new contract address through the updateArbitrageList function.


event ExecuteVirtualOrdersEvent(address sender, uint256 block)

ExecuteVirtualOrdersEvent is emitted on calls to executeVirtualOrdersToBlock.

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