💡Builder Ideas

There are a lot of products that will be built on TWAMMs given the composability & permissionless of DeFi. To get builders started, here are a few ideas that we'd love to see built:

Advanced Trade UX

The Cron protocol is a fully on-chain permissionless protocol with no dedicated UX. Existing wallets, UX, or motivated developers can create an advanced UX to expose the features and provide users with an intuitive way of interacting with the protocol.

Limit Orders

Order delegation allows 3rd parties to manage long-term swaps for users. A white glove service to monitor order fill prices and cancel orders would help a lot of whales/DAOs who are interested in automating their trade operations. Additionally, proceeds can be withdrawn multiple times or at the end of the order, a service that can be performed by a delegate.

Gasless DCA

Centralized exchanges are the current best option for DCA without paying high gas fees. However, they're not always the cheaper option or available for all users. TWAMMs enable users to DCA without paying gas fees for sub-orders, making it the most mathematically optimal and gas-efficient solution

Analytics & Visualizations

Tradeview and similar charts are necessary for traders to understand their order fill and LPs to understand their returns. Dune analytics dashboard is a good first start, but a more live dashboard would be of immense value for traders swapping millions of dollars.


Other Ideas

Better Airdrops

Higher Profit Liquidations

Democratize Arbitraging

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